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Un luogo dive trovare le informazioni. Buona la pagina facebook. Dotato di un sistema di attivazione ticket

Naples #1,615 rating: 5/5

Would love to see pictures of Galilei Bolzano , Thank you .?

Bolzano #1,602 rating: 5/5

I found very professional doctors exellent in dentistry, oral surgery, aesthetic medicine in a beautyfull new clinic, I advice them to all my friends

Sacile #1,588 rating: 5/5

If you eat a 'pasta' or pizza is very good I love lasagna

Milan #1,566 rating: 5/5

About a year ago, during a Mediterranean cruise, I ended up in the center of Civitavecchia, looking for a post box, trying to post wy wife's Many postcards. By pure coincidence I entered the Cantina dei Granaries, where I met Massimiliano la Rosa , asking him for directions. But Massimiliano isn't your ordinary gentleman, just giving you a simple answer. First he invited me in into his cosy little vineria, to sample his very enjoyable wines, whilst we had a lovely chat, after I introdused myself as Max too. After a long while, Massimiliano locked up his Cantina and insisted in walking with me to the nearest post box. What a lovely gentleman you are Massimiliano, I will never forget you and your generosity. PS. I only write this review now, as I lost Massimiliano's details and only found them now, whilst preparing for another overseas trip.

Civitavecchia #1,452 rating: 5/5

yummy and very filling ice cream, love their products!

#1,439 rating: 5/5

Oneof the bests restaurant in Sarzana. Friendly menu very cheep in front of quality

Sarzana #1,408 rating: 5/5

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